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Vampire Slayer Squad

QR Code ImageThink you have what it takes to overcome hordes of vampires as your slayer squad battles through Dracula's castle in this turn based tactics strategy?

Inspired by the deep gameplay that resulted from simple rules of my childhood experiences of playing Space Hulk™ this Android mobile phone and tablet game attempts to emulate the feeling of controlling a squad of people around a map despite the threat of seemingly insurmountable odds.

You can grab the game from the Android App Market (this link will only work from your device) or use the qr-code shown on this page.

If you are looking for help on the game then take a look at the hints and tips or game rules summary.

Get involved and please give me some feedback so I can improve the game and make it more enjoyable to play for you and others.


You take a squad of slayers around various maps, moving one at a time, until you complete, or unable to complete, the map objective.

When you have finished moving, the vampires take their turn. First by entering into the map as puffs of mist even lurking in the safety of these areas biding their time ready to pounce on you when you least expect it. They move around just like you but their agility means they can travel further and can perform more complex moves in less time. As mist they can travel in pacts only revealing their try numbers when they plan to attack or you catch sight of them.

Level Editor

If I get enough interest I might release the (Microsoft Windows only, sorry) level editor that I built and used to create the maps for the game. I will then look to enable uploading to this website so people can submit and share their creations.

Hints and Tips

These are more likely to get you killed sooner than actually help.

Game Rules

Can't figure out why things are happening, missed the tutorial levels? This should help a little bit.


Find out what it looks like. Viewer beware - these are developer graphics!